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December 19, 2016
First Light Academy Screening on Maui

So Many of You Have Reached Out to Ask…
is This the Best FirstLight Ever?
What Can We Say? It's Our 18th 'Baby'

And We’ve Loved Them All!

3 more great Tuesday, December 20th Films (below)…

Tue · Dec 20 · 3pm

Tue · Dec 20 · 5:30pm

Tue · Dec 20 · 7:30pm

Loving Neruda Tanna

Trailer »

Trailer »

Trailer »

That Said, Whatever FirstLight 2016 Is...

With 38 Golden Globe & 17 SAG Nominations and
All Five of Rolling Stone’s Top Movies of the Year…

One Thing’s for Sure. It Ain’t Chopped Liver!

3 more Gems on Thursday, December 22nd (below)…

Thu · Dec 22 · 5:30pm

Thu · Dec 22 · 7:30pm

Thu · Dec 22· 9:30pm

Miss Hokusai Seasons Nocturnal Animals

Trailer »

Trailer »

Trailer »

Whatever Your Tribe…Happy Holidays!
Happy Chanukah! Merry Christmas!
Joyous Kwanza! Wonderful Winter Solstice
And Peace on Earth to All.

Plus Sexy Lighting! Music! Flirting! Dinner & Dessert!
Cocktails! Organic Wines! Craft Beers! Caffeine & More!


Thanks to You & All FirstLight's Great 2016 Sponsors!
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