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May 26, 2017
Maui Film Festival June 2017

The Season of Summer Cinema Lights Up Maui
Blasting Off on the Summer Solstice!
Wed. June 21 thru Sun. June 25

4 New Films Revealed Below!
8 Already Revealed! PLUS 8 More Coming Next Week!

The Newbies…

Eclectic. Smart. Funny.
Mind-Opening. Mind Bending. And Real.

Holy (un)Holy River
(NR / 60 min. / Documentary, Adventure)

(NR / Documentary)

Holy Unholy River Fishpeople
trailer for holy (un)holy river trailer for fishpeople

Class Rank
(NR / 101 min. / Comedy, Family, Romance)

(PG-13 / 87 min. / Comedy, Drama)

Class Rank Dean
trailer for class rank trailer for dean

Mindful Movies.

Challenging Times Demand
New Windows on the World

A Family Man
(R / 108 min. / Drama)

Beatriz At Dinner
(NR / 83 min. / Comedy)

A Family Man Beatriz At Dinner
trailer for a family man trailer for beatrix at dinner


Visual Stimulation That Heals.
Hearts. Minds. Spirits. And Souls.

The Big Wave Project
A Band of Brothers
(NR / 96 min. / Surfing Adventure)

The Eduardo Garcia Story

(NR / 86 min. / Inspirational Documentary)

The Big Wave Project Beatriz At Dinner
trailer for the big wave project trailer for charged

Previously Revealed!

Grand Unified Theory
(NR / 104 min. / Family Dramedy)

(NR / 95 min. / Drama, Mystery, Maui)

Grand Unified Theory Kuleana
trailer for the grand unified theory trailer for kuleana

Newtritional Cinema.

Range Free. Low Carb. Gluten Free.
Farm Fresh. Hand Picked. Perfectly Ripe.

Sounds into Silence
(NR / 80 min. / Spiritual, Music, Mindfulness)

(NR / 60 min. / Surfing Adventure, Global Journey)

A Family Man Beatriz At Dinner
trailer for mantra trailer for proximity

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