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plays with Sapere Aude
Feature Film Narrative
(2014, 83 mins, HDCAM - NTSC)
World Premiere
Ryan Piers Williams has always had a knack for directing excellent films (The Dry Land, Ocean's Twelve, and Ocean's Thirteen), but for the first time in his career he both directs and stars in this emotional tale of desirous couples.  Even more impressive, Williams cast himself alongside his wife, actress America Ferrara—a well-known face from several seasons of the award-winning television series Ugly Betty and the romantic comedy The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and its sequel. This film also stars Melanie Diaz (best known from her comedy Be Kind Rewind) and relative newcomer Jon Paul Phillips. X/Y received a nomination for Best Narrative Feature from the Tribeca Film Festival in early 2014.
The richly emotional story follows four young New Yorkers as they struggle with the challenge of intimacy and discover what they truly desire in relationship. Through the eyes of characters Mark (Williams), Jen (Diaz), Sylvia (Ferrara), and Jake (Phillips), we navigate their emotionally-arrested states of existence. X/Y explores what it takes to be oneself, comfortable in one's own skin, also the fundamental need for connection with someone else. Witty and truthful, X/Y delivers a new perspective on the hardships of the human condition, the need to achieve deep interpersonal  contact, and the urgency of self-acceptance.
- MK

This film is not rated.
Screening Schedule
Thu, Jun 5th 8:00pm
Castle Theater - Maui Arts
& Cultural Center

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