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Feature Film Narrative
(2013, 104 mins)

What happens when you give a lonely Australian housewife a webcam? She becomes a goddess. Well, at least that’s what happens to Elspeth Dickens (played by English actress and singer Laura Michelle Kelly), a housewife who abandoned a budding theatrical career for a lackluster life with her bratty twin toddlers and cranky, absentee husband.

Stuck in a remote farmhouse while her marine-biologist spouse James (played by singer-songwriter Ronan Keating) is off saving the whales, the imaginative Elspeth finds solace in a kitchen webcam. After her kitchen-sink performances go viral, she becomes an instant Internet sensation, eventually catching the shrewd eye of media mogul Cassandra Wolfe (Magda Szubanski). Cassandra dubs Elspeth a "goddess"— to which she replies: "I’m not a goddess; I’m a mother with stretch marks."

Although she’s finally found her “voice,” Elspeth soon realizes that stardom often comes at a very steep price, especially when juggling work and family. When the sparkle of her newfound fame and fortune begins to fade, she belts out the aptly titled song, “Be Careful What You Wish For.” The toe-tapping soundtrack and colorful hyperrealism of this jaunty musical comedy is tempered by a modern dilemma that many women face: does career ever come before family?

- SR

Rated PG
rated PG
Screening Schedule
Wed, Jun 4th
Celestial Cinema - Wailea
Gold & Emerald Golf Course

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