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Breath of Life
Breath of Life
plays with In Passing
Feature Film Documentary
(2014, 80 mins)

Here's an experience that should be required viewing—by international law—before the start of every inauguration or legislative session, at the installment of new county councils and prior to the launch of every UN General Assembly.  It should have been screening nonstop at Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution.  As a single species we have to stop bickering and grabbing, and start looking together at the growing environmental catastrophe that we have caused.  As this vivid documentary proves, "We are cutting ourselves off from reality."

Because humans have pretty much filled the planet, we are no longer exploiting space.  Now we have begun exploiting time—stealing from the future.  The not-so-cheery, but vital, message: "We have tremendous problems generated by ourselves but limited ability to know how to deal with them."  So says one of the dozens of scientists and environmentalists appearing here.  They all see the threat eye-to-eye. This is a tough-love film.

Remarkably, one particular success story is juxtaposed to the general mess—the practices and understandings of pre-contact Hawaiians.  Vigorous contemporary voices speak of kalo and kuleana and aloha ‘aina.  So if we are to use this film as a global bap on the side of the head, it should be screened first right here, from our State Legislature to local community association meetings.  What will you do about the problem—ride it into oblivion?

– PW

This film is not rated.

Screening Schedule
Sun, Jun 8th 5:00pm
Castle Theater - Maui Arts
& Cultural Center

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