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Sapere Aude
Sapere Aude
plays with Sure Thing
Short Films
(2014, 10 mins)
In Latin, English with English subtitles
World Premiere
An internal monologue discussing the complexities of human existence. Drawn from CS Lewis’ ’Surprised by Joy’, Andre Breton’s Surrealist revolution and Horace’s ’Epistles’, in which he says ’sapere aude,’ or in English, ’He who begins is half done. Dare to be wise. Make a beginning.’ The score underlying the monologue blends Eastern sounds with those of the West, to signify that everyone shares in the human experience. The themes presented are the natural elements (especially water), and paths. The images of nature have resonance with the soul while the roads are metaphors for the path of life. The closer shots around the narrator intimately elude to personal enlightenment. The experimental shots incorporate a post modern artistry that is present in pop culture.

Beautiful people in beautiful places say beautiful things about human existence.  The text derives from C.S. Lewis, Andre Breton, and the Epistles of Horace. "Dare to be wise.  Make a beginning."  While alluding to personal enlightenment, the film shimmers with postmodern experimentation.

Screening Schedule
Fri, Jun 6th 3:00pm
Castle Theater - Maui Arts
& Cultural Center

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