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Begin Again
Begin Again
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Feature Film Narrative
(2013, 68 mins)


A hit at the Toronto International Film Festival, where it earned a standing ovation, Begin Again stars the always memorable Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley in an enchanting rom-com that has generated early Oscar buzz. Irish writer-director John Carney returns to the musical drama, the genre he reinvented with 2006’s acclaimed Academy Award-winning Once. Reprising the formula that made Once an indie hit, Carney supplements his principal cast with real musicians such as Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, The Voice’s CeeLo Green, and rapper Mos Def.

Knightley and Levine play sweetheart/songwriting partners Greta and Dave, who move to New York City after he secures a major label contract. But when her budding rock-star boyfriend dumps her, a heartbroken Greta is ready to flee back to her native Britain.

Enter a downward-spiraling former record executive (Ruffalo), who discovers Greta singing at an open mic night. Recognizing both her genuine talent and his chance to redeem his career, he persuades Greta to embark on an ambitious recording adventure that will require navigating the city’s alleyways, rooftops, parks, and subway stations.

As two wounded souls teaming up for a mutually transformative collaboration, this crowd-pleaser film pays homage to the magic of Big Apple and the redemptive, healing power of music. And yes, Knightley can really sing.

- JW

Rated R

Screening Schedule
Sat, Jun 7th 5:30pm
MACC McCoy Theater

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