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Frank vs. God
Frank vs. God
plays in Frank vs. God
Feature Film Narrative
(2014, 100 mins)
World Premiere
Seaside Cinema
Venue Opens @ 6:30pm
Live Music @ 7:00pm
Award Tribute @ 7:30pm
Premiere at @ 8:00pm

This ticket includes Award Tribute and Frank vs. God
Friday Night at Seaside Cinema.

David Frank is a man who wants to serve God—with a court summons. This film is billed as a comedy, which it is, with its clever premise and cartoonish plot. But it steers inch-by-inch into some serious metaphysical territory. God (not personified here by any actor, thank God) remains aloof while Mr. Frank, like the biblical Job, tries to achieve some fair accounting.

Frank (Henry Ian Cusick, formerly Lost) is a sharp corporate attorney now in unshaven, bathrobe-clad seclusion because his beloved wife was killed in a stupid car-collision while he was driving. Then a tornado whisks away his house and his bulldog, Brutus. Insurance won't cover the loss because this was an "Act of God." So Frank decides to shave, put on his lawyer suit, and bring the guilty party to trial. He subpoenas God's agents—Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and so on—saying, "If these people are responsible for God's house, then they can pay for my house!"

Another farcical but smart line: "If He can do the wrath, then He can do the math!"

To the great credit of this potentially goofy story, we come to feel that David Frank esquire has a legitimate point. In the end, though, the point is at the tip of his finger, which must turn and direct at himself. This is seriously funny stuff.

- PW

This film is not rated.

Screening Schedule
Fri, Jun 6th 7:00pm
Seaside Cinema at Grand Wailea Resort

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