Maui Film Festival
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2015 Test Data

Capital C
Capital C
plays with Team Work
Feature Film Narrative
(2014, 87 mins)

Film Rated: Unrated

Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdfunder have been life-changing for tens of thousands of artists, musicians, filmmakers, techies, inventors and passionate first-time and serial entrepreneurs over the last decade. This is the first feature length documentary dedicated to the crowd funding (r)evolution. It focuses on the hopes, dreams, fears, pitfalls and successes
of three independent creative artists/inventors making their way in this overwhelmingly complex Digital Age. Definitely a “not-to-be” missed movie and life lesson for anyone from 8 to 80 with a big idea and the rocket fuel to see it thru!

Screening Schedule
Fri, Jun 5th 8:00pm
Castle Theater - Maui Arts
& Cultural Center

This event is already past
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