Maui Film Festival
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Join Us In Bringing Movies That Matter
To A World That Needs Them Now More Than Ever

Why We're Reaching Out To You Now

Because for the second time in our eighteen year history,
the Maui Film Festival has decided to explore what
every other film festival in the world knew long ago.
It takes special support from its community to thrive.

Add to this equation, the sea change of challenges to
film exhibition by digitally dominant delivery systems
and, absent dedicated financial community supporters,
any film festival’s vitality would be challenged.

We get it.

Facebook, Netflix, Instagram,Twitter, Google and YouTube,
all have a role to play in contemporary planetary culture.

But we believe that virtual community serves the planet
best when creating face to face, not just virtual, connections.

So we're asking any of you who love great film and,
especially on an island in the middle of the vast Pacific,
appreciate the importance of community building in these
challenging times, to please consider this request for support.

With your help and aloha, the Maui Film Festival will be assured
of its ability to vibrantly thrive not just in 2017, but beyond!

All Donations Include a Significant Tax-deductible Contribution*

*The Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) serves as the non-for-profit
fiscal sponsor for Maui Film Festival charitable donations. Proceeds will benefit
Maui Film Festival activities in Maui County. A significant portion of all
"Angels Wanted. Trust the Future. Patron Project" support is a charitable
tax-deductible contribution. Please consult your tax advisor for the allowable deduction.
The MEBD is a 510 (c)3 not-for-profit educational organization.

Please contact the Maui Film Festival at
or by phone at (808) 579-9996 for additional details and to
explore what your support would make possible.

Thanks for you time and consideration. We look forward to you joining us
to bring movies that matter to a world that needs them now more than ever.

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