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"Hawaii's answer to Sundance.  Attendance has soared, and the Maui Film Festival is  attracting free-spending movie enthusiasts from California (and beyond), the state that Hawaiian tourism officials depend upon more than any other.”

We Get It. Sponsors Matter. Especially When They Join Us as Creative Partners

Companies We Can Collaborate with to Elevate Both Our  Brands and

Each Year’s Overall Maui Film Festival Attendee Experience.

Money.  Well Spent.  Makes Dollars and Sense.

“The Maui Film Festival, in its honoring of life-affirming cinema alongside Hawaiian culture, has created a unique festival environment that incorporates the island’s elements and with A-List actors, studio films and independent fare.”

indieWire,  Harriette Yahr, Writer

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ChewQi Rivers  Spiritual Advisor to the Maui Film Festival


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