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Speed of Light Virtual Cinema

July 6 - 31, 2022

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Watch More. Save More.
With Speed of Light Virtual Passes

80+ Virtual Cinema Film Premieres.

80+ Short & Feature Films All Maui Premieres from  Around the World & Right Here in Hawaii For You to Enjoy Anywhere on Your Biggest & Smallest Screens.


All Streaming On Your Favorite Cozy Couch or Lazy Boy In Your Pajamas, Tuxedo, Lingerie or Birthday Suit With a Sip, Toke or Gummy and a Handful of Your Favorite Munchies, Crunchies, Popcorn, Poke, Pizza, Wings or ‘Tings’ You ❤️ Most!  


Simply Click on Any Film Poster Below for More Information.


Each Film Program Includes One Feature Film or an Entire Short Film Compilation.

Feature Film Premieres.

This year's Virtual Cinema showcases a colorful array of feature film premieres highlighting politically, culturally and socially relevant films from diverse storytellers from around the world.

Short Film Premieres.

Storytelling at it's finest. This year's Short Film Programs showcase over 50 eclectic, powerful and inspiring short film premieres highlighting the diverse views of storytellers from more than 50 Countries from around the world.

Hawaii Short Film Program (85min.)

Short Film Program #1 (104min.)

Short Film Program #2 (91min.)