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20th annual

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TIME: Filmmakers have 48 hrs. to write, cast, shoot, edit, and submit their films from Kickoff time, which will be announced on Maui Film Festival’s Instagram page. Follow the Instagram page closely for Kickoff announcements. No films will be accepted after the 48 hr. deadline. All films are to be submitted through filmfreeway


FILM LENGTH: All films must be under 7 minutes, including any credits and closing music.


DEVICES: All films must be shot using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Footage filmed using Drones and GoPros cannot make up more than 10% of total footage.


GENRE: All films must adhere to a specific genre that will be revealed at Kickoff.


SECRET ELEMENTS: All films must include use of the secret elements:


            “Character”- A specific character that must be seen and identifiable.

            “Line” - A specific line of dialogue that must be either heard or seen.

            “Prop” – A specific prop that must be seen and used in some way.


  • The secret elements will be revealed at Kickoff time along with the genre. Remember to check Maui Film Festival’s Instagram page for Kickoff announcements.


COPYRIGHT RULES: All films must be original works and not infringe Third-Party’s intellectual property rights without their permission, including use of copyrighted music, literary works, and other artistic expressions.


CONTENT: Films containing pornography or extreme obscenity will be disqualified. Maui Film Festival may disqualify any films they deem inappropriate for the contest.


WINNERS: First place winners will receive (2) single-day passes to the “2023 Maui Film Festival: Stardust Cinema” and a chance to be screened at the “2023 Maui Film Festival: Speed of Light Virtual Cinema”. Runners-up will receive (2) tickets to “2023 Maui Film Festival: Speed of Light Virtual Cinema”.

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