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aloha also means goodbye

(89 MIN.)

A story about the defining choices we make in our lives and the people and places we fall in love with along the way.
Alice Monrow, a successful pharma rep living the upper middle class “dream", is en route to a business conference in Hawaii
. In the quiet of her car ride to the airport, Alice’s mind wanders to where it often goes when she’s frustrated with her life - Taylor Hargrove.

Bored at her business conference and faced with a few days off to explore the island, Alice decides to innocently ask about Taylor at the place he used to work.

A few hours later, she runs into him by chance. Taylor asks if he can finally show her Hawaii and Alice agrees. Is this a possibility to see what might have been? A second chance with "the one who got away"? So begins a whirlwind Hawaii adventure and soul-searching journey for Alice Monrow and Taylor Hargrove.