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big wave guardians

150 min. | documentary | hawaii | english

From Academy Award Nominated MacGillivray Freeman Films, Big Wave Guardians, is the new epic surf film that everyone will refer to as life-changing. It’s the most honest, behind the scenes look at how the lifeguard profession began, and where it is today.


Hawaii’s North Shore is the world’s most dangerous 7-mile stretch of beach. Massive swells, life-and-death rescues, and “the best job in the world” - yet often the most hazardous one – is the compelling drama of Hawaii’s big wave guardians. As surfers push the limits and crowds increase, a small group of heroes have reinvented water safety on a parallel track to the rising dangers.


Addicting thrills vs inherent peril – they are caught up in both. Surfing’s elite watermen risk their lives to save their friends while challenging a realm beyond.