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broken molds

(80 MIN.)

Amongst today’s boom of surfing and the birth of so many new watersports, windsurfing’s legacy to watersports is lost.

The ‘Broken Molds’ story begins in 1960’s California where Hoyle Schweitzer and his pals Tom Morey, Hobie Alter, and Grubby Clark were ‘just surfers, and didn’t care that much about anything else’ but at the same time they would all go on to make products that would change the world.


A story about friendships and hardships, in  never- before-seen 16mm archive film mixed with the latest Red Digital Cinema cameras to transport the viewer to seminal moments in watersport history.  While others have thought of harnessing the wind before, as Laird Hamilton explains, ‘it’s what you do with that thought that
separates you from other people.’ 
Staring: Gerry Lopez, Laird Hamilton, Matt Schweitzer, Kai Lenny, Robby Naish, Jamie O’Brien, Zane Schweitzer and the worlds best water athletes.