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facing monsters

90 min. | surf documentary | australia | english

[preceded by resurfacing koa smith | hawaii | short film]

With a track history known around the world for presenting many of the most mind-bending  big wave surfing docs over there last 20 years, the Maui Film Festival lists Facing Monsters among one he most visually stunning knock-out big wave surf films we’ve ever presented since 2000.  

Based on Southern Australia's West Coast, this big wave surfer has tackled some of the most unpredictable slabs on the planet.  Big, heavy and virtually impossible to ride, the waves often smash almost directly upon blade-like fingers of reef.


Some people turn to alcohol and drugs to tame their inner demons, but Kerby Brown turns to waves — monstrous ones.  

For Brown, facing these monsters is not about the accolades — he shunned the limelight of the professional surfing circuit years ago. It's more about a solitary and eternal quest for mental quiet, connection with nature's immense power and a feeling of oneness with waves unleashing their greatest fury.


Brown's quest is carried out far from crowded surf beaches in some of WA's rawest and most  achingly beautiful corners.

Now, through the release of this 90-minute documentary Facing Monsters, he's offering a rare insight into his life and the waves he's faced. Way more than a surfing film, this documentary delves into Brown's battles with addiction, his mental health, the healing power of the ocean, and the enduring love of family.

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resurfacing: koa smith

13 min. | short film | hawaii | english

When a devastating accident leaves pro surfer Koa Smith with a traumatic brain injury and depression, he searches for answers where ancient rituals meet modern science.

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