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la recua: the mule pack train

(86 MIN.)

Darío Higuera Meza, a traditional saddle maker in Baja California, Mexico, turned 70 in 2018.


In March that year, he traveled 200 miles in 20 days by mule-back, herding a pack train of donkeys from an oasis in the heart of the Sierra de la Giganta to La Paz. Packing a load of Goat Cheese, Dates, Sugar-cane Candy, and 10 gallons of famous Comondú Wine… just for the sake of history!


Fearing that the old traditions might be lost forever, he overcame hardships of health, rattlesnakes, and hot days on dusty, forgotten trails in order to honor the memory of Lower California’s “long-haul” equine merchants - Los Arrieros de las Recuas - the muleteers of Baja’s donkey pack-trains.