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pretty problems

105 min. | comedy | us | english

this film is not rated. parental discretion is advised

DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD critic Ann Smith got it right in her SXSW review of this Winner of the SXSW 2022 Narrative Spotlight Audience Award directed by Kestrin Pantera. 


Written by Michael Tennant, who also co-stars, is a witty look at wealth, privilege and relationships over a couple of days

of hedonism in wine country. With a flavor of Absolutely Fabulous and the multiple Emmy Award-winning  Schitt’s Creek.


Lindsay (Britt Rentschler) is as bored with her marriage to Jack (Tennant) as she is working in a boutique — until Cat Flax (JJ Nolan) swoops into the store, showering her with flattery and conspicuous displays of wealth. 


The pair bond over a bottle of wine, and Lindsay arrives home flushed with excitement about her rich new friend.

Jack reluctantly agrees to accept Cat’s invitation for a weekend away, and they jump into a car and drive into another world: of butlers, gift bags, massages and astronomically expensive wine their hosts forget even buying.

No line is wasted in this sharp script. Detailed comical asides range from “I was a trainer at Sea World, and I quit that when it stopped being cool,” to “Titty Bingo?”, uttered expectantly by a man answering the door when Jack is doing his sales rounds. Sex comes up a lot, underlining the irony that Jack and Lindsay’s love life is ailing.


The audience gets to revel in the fun while still feeling for all those involved,  the empty lives overflowing with abundance.

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