Unlike many other 2020 Film Festivals that chose to produce a virtual film festival online instead of their originally planned events, the Maui Film Festival intends to present its 21st Annual festival
under the stars, lit by the moon and powered by the sun on Maui.
Towards that end, we are reopening a 2nd Wave of Film Submissions with all Entry Fees donated to the Maui Food Bank, a 501(c)(3) org.

Short Films: Donation: $25. (Films must be under 40 min. long)
Feature Films: Donation: $50. (Films must 40 - 120 min. long)


PLEASE NOTE: All filmmakers who have previously submitted films to be considered for inclusion

in the 2020 Maui Film Festival are, of course, also still being considered for the 2020 Festival.


As importantly, choosing each year’s Original Cinema ‘jewels’ helps the festival reveal its character, soothe our collective soul and share our finds with the world. Because the Maui Film Festival strongly believes that when filmmakers explore what it means to be human — alongside Humankind's relationship to all Life — Original Cinema can move culture, shift paradigms and meaningfully help to create a future worthy of today and generations yet unborn.


Filmmakers Brunch

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