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tango shalom

115 min. | family comedy | us | english

From the creators of the romantic indie comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding, comes Tango Shalom, a warm, wonderful PG-13 rated comedy whose message about religious tolerance is welcome and important.


In it, frustrated Orthodox Jewish Rabbi Moshe, has fallen on hard times. Jobs are scarce so he hits the streets and winds up speaking to holy men of several faiths to get different perspectives on the problem. He even visits an Islamic Imam at a mosque, a religion generally thought of as anathema to Judaism. 


To turn the corner, he takes a journey that takes him across all five boroughs of the Big Apple, where he stumbles across a tango competition— run by the stunning Karina Smirnoff, who many of you will know from her years on Dancing with the Stars, who offers to be Moshe’s partner in a televised competition.


Given his financial situation — he desperately needs the prize money that winning the competition would bring — his stroke of innovative genius also happens to be absurd and fun.  All these wildly moving parts of different cultures and contrasting beliefs spin around to a cohesive, delightful film about a man who loves his family and his life.

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