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the 5th man

(71 MIN.)

In a world where gigantic stories are replaced a day later by even bigger ones, the story of a high school track coach might feel small to the point of in-consequence.

The 5th Man manages to be substantially bigger by packing an emotional punch and drawing universal connections between us all. For 50 years, Paul Limmer was a world class track coach at Long Island’s Mepham High School.


He holds NY State’s record for wins with 737 and was inducted into the 2016 New Balance Coaches Hall of Fame. Limmer’s true legacy, however, has nothing to do with awards. Thousands of former athletes, many of whom never broke a single record or won a solitary trophy, credit him for changing their lives.  THE 5TH MAN is the story of all the other kids – the ones who never felt recognized - until Paul Limmer.