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This Excellent Life: A Front Seat To 45 Years of Extreme Ocean Sports Icons and Innovations

Sun June 16 8:00pmCelestial Cinema, Wailea

Preceded by the short films: Paige Alms, and Emotional Tourist.

Mike Waltze directs what will be this panoramic documentary's World Premiere at the Maui Film Festival.  It features anyone who over the last 40 years has utilized their mind-blowing creativity and seemingly superhuman natural talent to drive the evolution of windsurfing, big wave tow-in and paddle-in, SUP, kite sailing and foil-boarding.  In short, it stars a "Who’s Who" of the Elite Extreme Ocean Athletes of our time including Matt Schweitzer, Mike Waltze, Pete Cabrinha, Dave Kalama, Laird Hamilton and more — all seen in rarely and never before seen footage and interviews