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IN PERSON | JUNE 28 - JULY 2, 2023


Stardust Cinema | June 28 - July 2, 2023

Maui Arts & Cultural Center

Welcome to the Open Air, Under the Stars,  Lit by the Moon and Powered by the Sun Stardust Cinema at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center's A&B Amphitheater.

Speed of Light Virtual Cinema


JULY 3 - JULY 30, 2023

Dreaming, Beaming, Streaming.

Speed of Light Virtual Cinema | July 3 - 30, 2023

50+ Short & Feature Films All Maui Premieres from  Around the  World & Right Here in Hawaii to Enjoy Anywhere on Your Biggest & Smallest Screens. All Streaming On Your Favorite Cozy Couch or Lazy Boy In Your Pajamas, Tuxedo, Lingerie or Birthday Suit With a Sip Toke or Gummy and a Handful of Your Favorite Munchies Crunchies, Popcorn, Poke, Pizza, Wings or ‘Tings’ You ❤️ Most! 


What the World Needs Now

We believe that children are the future who from an early age, and throughout their lives, need to explore their creativity and share it  with the world.


That’s why, now more than ever, amidst the haste and complexity of modern life lived in an increasingly digital landscape, we encourage parents, teachers and mentors everywhere to demand young people have time to fall in love with art, music and, of course, cinema.      


Life well-lived also needs to understand the joy of the natural world. It fertilizes the embracing of higher love, compassion and empathy for all humankind and all creatures of the Earth, Sea

and Sky.


The Maui Film Festival is thrilled to share the insightful and beautiful sentiments expressed by artist Fred Babb with you. Fred got it right.  

Enjoy! (

P.S.  We're Dog People

Meaning no offense to Cat, Horse, Rabbit or Goldfish People, We are Hooked on the Chill and Zen of Dogs.  Especially, Our Dog ChewQi, the 'Spiritual Advisor’ of the Maui Film Festival since 2000. 


ChewQi lives in the Moment, Serves Up Totally Unconditional Love, Stays Calm on the Festival’s Most Frenetic Days and is Always There to put a Smile on our Faces. 


She is also a Living Breathing Reminder that, it is Humankind's Responsibility, as the Stewards of  Life on this Precious Planet We Call both Earth and Home, to Treat All Beings with Empathy, Compassion and Aloha.


What better way to live your life.

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