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Welcome to the Jewel Box

"The Maui Film Festival at Wailea is a 'jewel-box' festival able to handle anything without becoming impersonal. Flawlessly planned.  The national press, including  Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles Times, CNN,E!, Vanity Fair, and Entertainment Tonight, among others, are taking notice and reporting on its goings-on.  Watch for even greater things to come.”

- indieWire

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Under the Stars.  Lit by the Moon.  Powered by the Sun.

The Maui Film Festival Is a One-of-a-Kind, Open Air Film Festival Featuring Nightly Celestial Cinema Festivities, Premieres and Tributes.  Amazing ‘Tastes of Summer, Chocolate and Wailea', Filmmakers Panels,  the 'New in 2020' Seaside Cinema & Lounge on Wailea Beach and More


Luminaries and Rising Stars

(12 of 72 Honorees.  2000-2019)

The Maui Film Festival has always used the word “Luminaries” to describe the talented artists who have been its Honorees.  Why?  Because they illuminate the Festival’s  Silver Screens. That's for sure,  but even more importantly; they are Alchemists revealing the Human Condition with Passion, Empathy, Wisdom and Depth.

Maui Film Festival Honorees

The photo mosaic of the 12 film artists pictured above and below — Olivia Wilde, Paul Rudd, Awkwafina, Brian Cranston, Viola Davis, Gena Rodriguez, Joe Manganiello, Maya Erskine, Colin Farrell, Laura Dern, Andrew Garfield — are just the tip of the iceberg of the 70+ luminaries that the Maui Film Festival has honored from 2000-2019. Brie Larson, Michael B. Jordan, Brian Cranston, Viola Davis, Zac Efron, Jake Gyllenhaal, Woody Harrelson, Lupita Nyong’o, Adam Driver, Elizabeth Banks, Claire Danes, Jessica Chastain, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood, Willie Nelson, Angela Bassett, William Hurt, Patricia Clarkson, Freida Pinto, Emma Roberts, Jessica Biel, John C. Reilly and Shep Gordon.  Honored directors include Tim Burton, Rob Reiner, Clint Eastwood, Louie Schwartzberg and Louie Psihoyos. And The 14th Dalai Lama.

Special Events.  Parties.  Surprises!

"The Maui Film Festival Serves Up Feasts, Stars and Enlightenment. It’s where the seaside rules, studio execs retreat and where there's enough A-list presence on and off screen to make the festival an island celebration, of both uplifting cinema and life well lived, worthy of its industry recognition."

- indieWire , Harriett Yahr

Taste of Summer

Surprise 2020 Location Coming Soon

The Power of Original Cinema

(34 of 1,000 Films.  2000-2019)

Regardless of Genre or Screen Size, Original Cinema is Pure Alchemy.  It is the Rocket Fuel Powering the Festival’s Passion, Focus, Vision and Soul and Driving Out Exploration of Our Shared Humanity.  Sparking Visions for Better Tomorrows, Keeping Dreams Alive, Generating Tears of Joy, Compassion and Laughter, Original Cinema Creates, Moves and Heals Culture. 


Critically Acclaimed Celestial Cinema Films

"The Maui Film Festival continues to celebrate cinema from the intersection of smart and heart. With open-air and beachfront screenings, the festival once again ditches traditional Hollywood devices like black ties and red carpets for leis and flip flops... all for the sake of a more intimate experience. Here's a fest so cosmic it even has its own in-house astronomer.... (and) is growing as an international destination for cineastes and industry insiders.” 

- Variety , Taylor McCain

Hawaii's Answer to Sundance

"Hawaii's answer to Sundance.  Attendance has soared, and the Maui Film Festival is  attracting free-spending movie enthusiasts from California (and beyond), the state that Hawaiian tourism officials depend upon more than any other.”

     Los Angeles Times, John Horn

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Sponsorship.  Meet Opportunity.

We Get It. Sponsors Matter. Especially When They Join Us as Creative Partners

Companies We Can Collaborate with to Elevate Both Our  Brands and

Each Year’s Overall Maui Film Festival Attendee Experience.

Money.  Well Spent.  Makes Dollars and Sense.

Courtesy Picture Mill . Special  Thanks to William C. Lebeda & Evan Jackson

Photo Credits: Hubble Images NASA

“The Maui Film Festival, in its honoring of life-affirming cinema alongside Hawaiian culture, has created a unique festival environment that incorporates the island’s elements and with A-List actors, studio films and independent fare.”

     The Hollywood Reporter, Minju Pak

Be. Here. Wow!

The Maui Film Festival Serves Up Feasts, Stars and Enlightenment.  It is where the seaside rules and studio execs retreat and where there's enough A-list presence on and off screen to make it an island celebration deserving of its industry recognition.”  

indieWire,  Harriette Yahr, Writer

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What the World Needs Now

We believe that children are the future who from an early age, and throughout their lives, need to explore their creativity and share it  with the world.


That’s why, now more than ever, amidst the haste and complexity of modern life lived in an increasingly digital landscape, we encourage parents, teachers and mentors everywhere to demand young people have time to fall in love with art, music and, of course, cinema.      


Life well-lived also needs to understand the joy of the natural world. It fertilizes the embracing of higher love, compassion and empathy for all humankind and all creatures of the Earth, Sea and Sky.


Towards that end, the Maui Film Festival supports the Maui Arts & Cultural Center's Kids and Arts Program and is thrilled to share the insightful and beautiful sentiments expressed by artist Fred Babb with you. Fred got it right.  Enjoy! (

P.S.  We're Dog People

Meaning no offense to Cat, Horse, Rabbit or Goldfish People, We are Hooked on the Chill and Zen of Dogs.  Especially, Our Dog ChewQi, the 'Spiritual Advisor’ of the Maui Film Festival since 2000. 


ChewQi lives in the Moment, Serves Up Totally Unconditional Love, Stays Calm on the Festival’s Most Frenetic Days and is Always There to put a Smile on our Faces. 


She is also a Living Breathing Reminder that, it is Humankind's Responsibility, as the Stewards of  Life on this Precious Planet We Call both Earth and Home, to Treat All Beings with Empathy, Compassion and Aloha.


What better way to live your life.

ChewQi Rivers  Spiritual Advisor to the Maui Film Festival

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